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  Meghan March


  Sinful Empire


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  Also by Meghan March

  Sinful Empire

  Book Three of the Mount Trilogy

  Meghan March


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  About This Book

  What’s mine, I keep, and that includes Keira Kilgore.

  It’s no longer enough to have her in my debt. No longer enough to own her body.

  I want something more.

  She can try to resist, but I’ll never give her up.

  Nothing will keep us apart.

  Not her. Not my enemies. No one.

  Her debt will only be paid one way—with her heart.

  Sinful Empire is the third and final book in the Mount Trilogy.

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  Twenty-eight years earlier

  “You piece of shit! Get back here! I’ll have your ass in jail for this.”

  I plowed through the crowd, slamming into tourists and spinning around to lose the man charging after me. It was a total waste, because I didn’t even get to use the distraction to lift more of their fat wallets or nice watches.

  All because I’d wanted a goddamned Snickers bar to shut up my growling stomach for a couple hours, and didn’t feel like parting with my hard-earned cash for it. Being a street kid in New Orleans wasn’t for no weak-ass punks. The dark side of this town would chew you up and spit you out faster than you could spell body bag.

  Don’t make friends; make allies. But don’t dare trust them further than you can see them.

  “I see you, kid! Cops are coming! This time, you’re done!”

  Ernie, a douchebag convenience-store owner with the easiest candy to lift in the Quarter, was determined to get me sent up the river for good. But he had to catch me first.

  Three years on the streets, and no one knew them better than me.

  I slipped through the crowd, bolted down an alley, and squeezed between two bent rails in a wrought-iron fence. Ernie’s fat ass would never be able to fit. I sprinted down a brick walkway and ran into a metal gate. Locked. Not a fucking problem for me.

  I climbed it like a monkey and landed on my feet on the complete opposite side of the block. That asshole would never find me. I shoved my hands in my pockets and yanked out the wallets I’d picked before I hit Ernie’s. I had to ditch them in case I got pinched.

  I scanned the street, up and down, before I turned my back and flipped one open. I yanked out the two twenties inside. Not bad. I’d eat for a few weeks on that. I glanced at the ID it contained for a second before I tossed the wallet down the sewer drain.

  Rocky Mount. Sounded like an asshole. Who would name their kid that?

  As soon as the thought hit, I shut it down. At least they bothered to give their kid a name.

  I flipped the second wallet open and found a crisp hundred. Nice. I’d be set for at least a couple months if I were careful, or if I wanted to risk it, I might be able to double my money.

  I glanced at the second ID. Lachlan Thorpe. Better than Rocky Mount. A little, anyway.

  I tossed the second wallet down the drain and unwrapped the Snickers, then shoved the entire thing in my mouth to ge